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Monument guide

Monument Guide




Upright monuments consist of the die (or tablet) and the base. The die is the top part of the monument that sits on the base. The tops are usually serpentine, oval or straight, however other styles and custom shapes are also available. The base is the lower part of the monument and generally has a polished top and rock finished sides. 



Give your loved one's memorial another dimension with a memorial bench. These unique markers give you the perfect place to sit, reflect, and pray.



Honor your family for generations to come with a large family monument. These memorials can consist of one large stone or individual stones.


You can even count on Generations Memorials to create a custom shaped memorial to commemorate your loved one. From hearts, trees, animals, or another design, we'll happily create a specially shaped memorial with custom carved stones, furthering the beauty of the monument.


Similar to an upright monument but generally shorter and with the tablet cut with a slanted face Basic Monument Styles.

 They may have one or two names and are generally 1 foot 2 inches high (or higher in increments of 2”) and 10” or 12” wide. 


They can be quite elaborate and often shelter a whole family. 

Mausoleums are large monuments that actually enshroud the body. 

Bevel or Hickey Markers

Bevel markers have a beveled or slanted face where the back of the stone is a few inches higher than the front. They are generally 8” high and have an 1 1⁄2” drop back to the front. 

Grass or Flush Markers

A grass or flush marker is a stone that sits flush with the ground. These markers are generally 24” x 12”, but may be larger or smaller.

 This is the most common style for veteran’s markers. Flush markers are also used to mark individual graves when there is a large upright stone on a family plot. 

Bronze Markers

An individually cast bronze plate that is usually mounted upon a flush 24” x 12” stone. 

Bronze markers may also be mounted to other types of monuments and commonly found on mausoleums. These markers are extremely durable and the letters and symbols are raised up from the background.